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I am 25 and I am a stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl, Ashtynn {at the bottom are her stats} My hubby Zac, who is also 25 works for Powell Services Inc. We were married December 1, 2007 BEST DAY EVER! And we've been together since May 2005. We just had our first baby, Ashtynn Jaimes on August 17, 2009 at 4:56pm. She weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces and 18.25 inches long and the most beautiful little angel you have ever seen!! We adore her and love being parents. We have a furbaby named Bella, who is a mini schnauzer and is 3. She is super fun and cute! We are LoViNg LiFe~
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Family Pictures

So yesterday we had family pictures & today I am relieved they are done!!! I have put so much money, time & effort into making sure that we all looked our best for pictures. Last Saturday I dyed my husby's hair black :). Just like it was when I first met him :) :). Ahhh memories...anyways back on track! If you know me well, you know I'm the worst procrastinator in the world! Well I waited until a week before pictures to order Ashtynn's cute outfit & hairpiece. Needless to say, I was freaking out about them not getting there in time. Well the outfit got here at noon the day of pictures ThAnK GoOdNeSs!! But Ash's hairpiece didn't get here till 3:30 & we didn't have time to run back to the house, not to mention the crappy weather!!!! So I am pretty bummed that we couldn't use it because it is the cutest thing ever & would've matched perfectly!!! I told Zac we will have to get more pictures done so we can use it :) LOL the things he puts up. I love you honey!! It was so nice, Zac took the day off {& I couldn't have gotten things or Ashtynn ready without him, thank you babe! He did her hair for pics & it looked so cute! I also ordered Ash & I jewelry to match our outfits from Ruby Sweetheart. Jazlyn did such a fantastic job!! They look soo good!
Well, earlier in the week I had gotten my nails done {by my long lost bestie Cindee<3} Ashtynn got her 2nd haircut, but first time in a salon in the chair! Kaycee {another long lost bestie} did such a good job! It was just a trim but it made it soo much easier to curl :). The next day I got my hair done. I wasn't planning on going back dark, but I <3 it & missed it so much!!!!!!!! Kaycee did AmaZing!!! :). And to top it off, the lil sweetheart taught me how to curl my hair using my straightener &&& did my hair the day of pictures! Soo dang sweet!!
So anyways it was soo cold & rainy but thank goodness the rain stopped right before we started to take pictures. It was fantastic!
Kari Morris from Sweet Reflections Photography took our pictures & did a really amazing job! Her husband was there as well & they are the sweetest people you could meet. Ash was a little cranky but she still managed to get some good pictures.

Kari posted this on Facebook, she's so sweet :)

I also put up a funny picture of Ash, she hates loud trucks & other automobiles...anyways she freaks out every Wednesday when the garbage truck comes by. It's so sad, the other week I was in the shower, heard her screaming, ran out to find her cowering under a chair :(.

This was Ashy as we were pulling into Maesar, sweet girl had just fallen asleep too when we got there. :(.
{she did pretty good considering no nap & no food til after pictures}

My new hair!! I <3 it!! And I finally know how to curl my hair ;D

Here's my little beauty & I in matching bows :)

&&& me and my cute husby :)

Can I say really fast how much I love my beautiful little family & i am so very grateful to have them in my life :)

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Friday, September 16, 2011


Well right now I am in a bed, with an IV, waiting for my turn to get operated on! I am really nervous & hungry! Zac is here with me thank goodness, keeping me laughing & my mind off surgery.
My mom is going to watch Ashtynn for the weekend so I have time to recover. And my papa is going to take babes at 2:00 and have some mysterious fun! LOL!! I am so thankful for all of my family & friends who are always there for me and helping out so much! I don't know what else to say, but Thank You!!
On a sad note, my father in law, Phil, passed away on September 2 & the memorial was on September 13th. It is such a tragic thing for a family to lose their father, son, brother, uncle, friend. The positive thing is that Chris, Shiloh, Alexis and Haiden flew in from Germany for a week so we were all able to spend some time together & we had a blast!!!!
So anyways, wish me luck!!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ashtynn's 1st Birthday Pictures

Here are Ashy's Birthday Pictures. They were taken by Nichole Crowley of Lazy C Photography on July 27, 2010. They turned out sooo darn cute, I love them!


Here are Ashtynn's Pictures from The America's Freedom Festival Baby Pageant. These were taken by Misty Mathews Photography!

Yes, we are ALIVE

Oh my gosh, it has been months since my last post!! There are a few reasons as to why I have disappeared from Blogger.....
1. My mom's computer broke, and now we aren't allowed back on the computer because of viruses.
2. I don't like going to the Library to upload pictures and post private stuff on a public computer.
3. I am on my brother's laptop right now, and he is moving to Colorado tomorrow, so I guess I will be gone again until further notice.

Let's get on with the post shall we?

Today Ashtynn Jaimes Andreasen was welcomed into this world at 4:56 PM. I still remember the Labor and Delivery just like it was last week! We are so blessed to have been given such a beautiful little girl from our Heavenly Father. She wasn't planned, but she sure changed our life around full circle, and for the better. She has made us both better spouses, siblings and loving and caring parents. Here are a few fun facts about Ashtynn. (AND since I am so far behind on posting, I am going to post some things she has been doing for a while.)

In June, my Mom & I entered Ashy into The America's Freedom Festival Pageant in Orem, UT. She placed 3rd in the 10-12 month division!!!! We are soo proud of her!

Aunt Emmy came home July 24 and we have been loving on her ever since. She has to go back home tomorrow, (which is her and Zak's 3rd wedding anniversary). We are really going to miss her, but her babies & hubby miss her, and we will see her again in September for Reed & Rondee's wedding! YAY!!!!

Ashy can now pull herself up onto and walk along furniture, the walls, her crib, her playpen, and pretty much anything she can pull up on!

She crawls EVERYWHERE! And she moves fast too, if you aren't keeping an eye on her, she will be in a whole different room, getting into all sorts of stuff that is a no-no! :)

Ash can say "Up, No & Hi!" She loves to shake her head "no" & occasionally will shake it up and down for a "yes". And LOVES to clap her hands when anyone says "YAY!" She started waving back in June or July, but it has been perfected into a pageant wave! It is the CUTEST THING EVER!!!

Ashtynn is definitely a healthy eater, as you well know if you have seen my little girl! ;) She eats anywhere from 28-36 ounces of food and about 20 ounces of formula a day.

We had Ashtynn's Birthday Party on August 14, 2010 at Independence Park. We had so much fun and it was a great success! (I think, it was my first time planning a party, so I hope it was ok!) I hope when Ash looks back at the pictures, she will know just how loved she is. It was hot pink and zebra theme and it turned out soo darn cute! I want to thank my momma, for helping out soooo much with much needed items (i.e. Kitchen table, high chair, bassinet, recliner, crib bedding set, birthday invitations, etc.) You truly are the best mother in the world, and I hope someday Ash will see me as I see you. Thank you Mama, I love you so much! Thanks to my sissy Emily, for helping out so much with planning, pictures, and keeping the little bug entertained while mommy was stressing out! :) Thank you Zac, for putting up with your crazy, stressed out wife, well, for forever I hope!! :) Thank you to all my friends and family members who came to support Ashtynn on her big and important day! I appreciate you all so much and I love you all!!!

There is soo much more stuff about my little one that I have to tell, but it is written down in my calendar at my house! I will have to do my next post at USU library or something.........so we can get the facts straight!

OK That is all for now, the next post will have all the pictures! Well, not ALL of the pictures, but a lot of them! Talk to you soon hopefully!


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here are a few videos of our darling daughter

Ashtynn's Birthday

Ashtynn Laughing


5 Months Old & Lots of Pictures

Wow does time fly by or what?! Our baby girl is already 5 months old. {Actually in 10 days she will be 6 months, that is how far behind I am!} We just love her more and more everyday! She makes us laugh all the time with her noises & actions! Here are some things she has been doing/loving/hating.
*Ate pears for the first time on February 7, 2010
*Almost sitting up on her own
*Eating her toes & feet
*Rolling over {Not like a 360 degree roll, more like a 180 degree roll} :)
*We think she is teething because she is GRUMPY!!! {for no reason}
*Always says MAMA, although we are sure she doesn't know what that means just yet
*She knows how to play Peek-A-Boo! It is the cutest thing ever!

*Ashtynn Loves*
*Being thrown up into the air
*Her crib mobile
*Chewing on her hands {or ours}, toes, blankets, toys {pretty much whatever she can get her hands on it goes in her mouth}
*Taking Baths, or anything to do with water
*Being snuggled into your chest
*Throwing her legs and arms up and down
*Examining her hands & feet
*Exploring the FULL range of her voice :)
*Being Naked
*Eating & Sleeping with her blanket on her face {Scares Mommy}
*Getting undressed {she giggles because it tickles}
*Being Tickled
*Watching Bella
*Her swing
*Not Loving So Much*
*Not being able to sit up on her own
*Setting her down when she wants to be held
*Bells {Learned that at Christmas}
*Trying to make her eat when she's not hungry
*Getting too hot

{I didn't get any pictures of Ashtynn in her blessing dress on her blessing day, which I am really upset about. However, we had pictures taking December 12, so those will have to do}
Pictures are somewhat out of order, so bear with me :)
Uncle Greg and his baby {January 3, 2010}
Trying to eat her feet {January 24, 2010}

First time meeting Uncle Reed! {December 10, 2009}
Ashtynn & Daddy pictures with Jr. Martinez {December 12, 2009}
Christmas with The Andreasens {December 19, 2009}

Em holding AJ after her wisdom teeth surgery {December 14, 2009}

4 month checkup, her battle wounds {December 21, 2009}

Ashtynn as Santa with all her goodies {January 4, 2010}

Cutest Santa EVER!!!

My cute little nudie model {January 4, 2009}

Tummy Time {January 10}

AJ with her best buddy MJ at Chuck-A-Rama {January 13}

First time swimming {January 13}

Swimming with Grandma

How cute is that face?! {January 17}

January 22 *Rub-A-Dub-Dub*

How she loves to sleep {January 25}

6 Month Pictures {February 6}

My Valentine<3>Eating pears for the first time {February 7}